A Quick Guide to Thunderball Lottery, Its History, And Much More!

Most of the people like to play lottery because of its attractive money jackpots and prizes after winning. This is why there are huge varieties of lotteries available in the industry. In the UK, three most popular lotteries drawn 4 times a week. It is none other than Thunderball. In this lottery, the highest prize is not a mega jackpot, but the odds to win for a player are much better. A player can win half a million for just one pound. There are total 9 levels, in which this lottery is played. 
For hitting, just 1 Thunderball number is sufficient to win a lot in the lottery. One can play smartly for the best opportunity of winning half a million on just £1 lottery game. It should be important to know on what days the draws takes place for this lottery. Draw occurs on every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. The most interesting fact about this lottery is that there is no need to share the top prize with anyone at any cost. 
A Quick Guide to Thunderball Lottery, Its History, And Much More!

Winning amount 

If you play this lottery to try your luck, then it is possible to win up to 500,000 pounds for just matching five main numbers and the Thunderball. If you will be able to match the Thunderball, you can earn £3. Different prize money is set for different matching criterion. To know more about the winning amount by just matching the numbers, you can go online and visit some lottery related websites, which will give you detailed information about it. Let’s have a look at matching numbers and the amount to win, which are mentioned below:
  • If you can match 5 main number and the Thunderball, then the prize money will be £500,000
  • For just 5 main numbers, you can win up to £5,000
  • If you try to match four main numbers and the Thunderball, then you will win £250
  • If you will match four main numbers, then the amount to win is £100
  • If you will match the Thunderball and three main numbers, then the prize money will be £20
  • For matching 3 main numbers, a player can win £10
  • For matching two main numbers and the Thunderball, the amount to win is £10
  • If you match 1 main number and the Thunderball, £5 will be the winning amount 
  • If you match 0 main numbers and the Thunderball, £3 will be the amount to win

For knowing more related to this lottery, getting familiar with the Thunderball game procedures should be your initial step. 

Be familiar with its history 

This lottery game with its first draw was held on 12 June 1999. In the early stages, it was drawn only one time in a week, just on Saturdays. A new day was introduced in the form of Wednesday on 23 October 2002. Until November 2009, no change was there when Thunderball was given reshaping features. This lottery started making use of a new machine, named as Smart play Halogen II. After one year, a number of 5 main number balls were added on 12 May 2010, which increased the number of balls from 34 to 39. Consequently, the jackpot became double in winning amount that was £500,000 and an additional tier for matching the Thunderball was came into existence. After that, just 2 days later, a launch of premier was there that introduced some new rules that included a new draw to be held on Friday in a week. 
Again, a new draw was launched by announcing that now, draw is also being taken place on Tuesday as well on 25 January 2018. It was the last change in the history of the Thunderball. Are you interested in going deeper into its history? It would be a great idea to look online and read some posts related to the Thunderball history. 

Some essential facts

Before playing this lottery game, you need to go through two main essential facts that should not miss in any manner. These are mentioned below: 
  • The Thunderball draw is occurred from a different set of digits to the main balls. Hence, the same digit can seem as both a main ball as well as the Thunderball. 
  • The second interesting is that if a player selects a Lucky Dip, then a random set of digits will be produced during the time of purchase and it will be submitted as per your entry. 

Know the odds of winning 

While playing this lottery game, a player can triumph the game with the odds of one in thirteen. The odds to win the minimum amount that is the Thunderball is one in twenty one. The more numbers you match, the smaller the odds of winning you have. Nonetheless, the size of the probable prize increases. The odds to win the jackpot are 1 in 8060598. Check out the odds of Thunderball along with the prize-related information by going online. One can find a complete table there that displays comprehensive information. 


It would be quite exciting to know that this lottery in the UK can be played in a group whether you have friends or other players to play, you can make a group and then play. All you need to do is to make a team of players who want to play and then put your money in a pot to increase the chances of winning the jackpot that you have dreamt of. 

Collecting the prize

At the same time, it is also a necessary thing to know how to gather prize. What if you win the jackpot and you do not know how to claim it, is completely worthless to play. The process to collect prize is different when you are playing in store or online. Here is a brief information about collecting the prize:
  • If you have won £100 up to and comprised, then this prize money can be taken from most retailers. Another method to get this money is to choose the option of your online lottery account because they sent your money to it. 
  • While trying your luck and if you are capable of winning £500,000 up to and included, going to the post office is a must to take step. You can receive a check there. At that time, you need to carry your 2 ID documents to prove that you are the right one. In any case, if you opt for playing money online, the money will be sent to your profile’s registered account, claim it there. 
  • If you win more than £50,000, you will have to call the National Lottery Line that is 0333 234 44 33. 

Playing guidelines 

How to play the Thunderball Lottery? It is also an important step to take when you are considering this lottery. The first thing to do is to choose five main numbers from the list of 1 to 39 and also one Thunderball from the list of 1 to 14. Another thing you can do is to pick Lucky Dip to make a random selection. After that, you will need to select how many lines to play. It is possible to play up to seven lines of numbers on every play slip and purchase up to ten play slips once. Once you are done with it, select the draws and then weeks you would be interested in playing. There is a good chance for you to play this lottery up to four weeks in advance or uninterruptedly by Direct Debit. 
This lottery game can be played online every day if you are a keen user of this game. The timings for this game online is 8 am until 11 pm. While going for this option, you need to take care of one thing that Thunderball ticket sales will get close from 7.30 pm on the day of Wednesday and if it is Tuesday, Saturday, and Friday, then it closes from 7.30 pm to 9 pm for the evening draws. If you still want to play this lotto on the same day, buying ticket before 7.30 pm needs to be done as a must step. Direct Debit is the option, where you can ensure that you are always in the draw of the Thunderball by playing. 
Do you want to get more excitement in the Thunderball game play, then going for a group or simply syndicate option would be the right thing to do. 

Good Causes 

For claiming the prizes, winners have just 180 days that is from the day of the draw. If a winner does not claim his or her prize, then the prize money will be sent to the Good Causes Foundation to meet the charitable needs. Good Causes Foundation is accountable to give the funds and make sure these funds should be utilised for charitable causes. Along with having fun while experiencing this lotto game, one can get engaged into a certain good cause by giving his or her prize to a charitable trust willingly and help needy people. 
Hence, try your fortune in this game with proper guidelines!